About Us (RCC) was founded by Tomás Karstegl (Chilean) & Mick Høy (Danish), two motorcycle adventurers who share the passion for motorcycle journeys around the world. With many years of experience riding the globe they decided to form this company to offer motorcycle rental and guided expeditions for adventurers who want to explore the roads of South America.

Both Tomas and Mick have been riding bikes since they were kids. Both guys enjoy the feeling of being on the road and exploring new cultures and routes around the world, they were born with a passion of riding and travel around this amazing planet. "There are still so many places to explore..even in their own backyard of South America and Europe".

When your big journey is finished and you still have the passion and eager to get back on the road riding your bike down the dusty curvy road it couldn't come more natural than starting taking other motorcyclist's with same passion around South America. We aim for the things we are good at, being on the road and exploring around on two wheels, seeing cultures and meeting amazing people wherever we go. Come and join us in our tours and take part of it! “- Mick Høy

We are motorcycle adventurers, just like you, we understand your likes and needs, and we’ll try our best to offer you the best tools to accomplish the adventure of your dreams. We aim for the real thing, to give you a service as close as being on your own as if you were on your own solo journey or with your friends” –Tomás Karstegl

If you haven’t been on a journey it is hard to know what to expect? Both Tomás and Mick have tried riding solo journeys and know what to expect and the kind of feelings you get when you are on your own wings. offers you a motorcycle adventure that goes beyond your expectations, a more flexible and customized experience as the company tends to step away from big commercial tours and do things in it’s own very unique way,’s style.
“We hope you come back to ride again with us. Our goal is to lead and teach you to do your own solo motorcycle journeys in the future. After your adventure with us you will be equipped with all the basic adventure knowledge and how to solve situations you might experience yourself in your coming motorcycle journeys. It’s a lesson and experience for life.” –Tomás & Mick

Adventure Motorcycling ChileTomás Karstegl
Born: 11th November 1978
Nationality: Chilean
Languajes: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Life Odometer: 150.000 miles
Countries: 25
Continents: 3
Longest Trip: 1 year
Motorcycles: Honda Transalp 600, Kawasaki KLR 650, BMW F800 GS
Interests: Motorcycles, Adventure, Mountaineering, Outdoor activities.
Skills: Guide, Mechanic, Filming
Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tomás is a 37 year young adventurer and motorcycle lover. He loves the freedom and self reliance of the motorcycle and the adventure of riding with friends to discover new scenic routes, different countries, cultures, sounds and tastes. On his many miles of experience on the road he has learnt that the key of a great adventure is the true involvement with the local cultures, the penetration of a culture to really discover a location trough its people.

Mick Motorcycle RentalMick Høy
Born 23rd August 1978
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Danish, English, German, Spanish, Swedish
Life Odometer: 200.000 miles
Countries: 33
Continents: 3
Longest Trip: 3 years
Motorcycles: Suzuki GT750A, Honda VFR 750, BMW F800 GS
Interests: Motorcycles, Nature, Culture, Countries, Camping, Photography
Skills: Guide, Mechanic, Webmaster, Photographer, Cooking, Outdoor activities, Camping
Location: Las Condes, La Reina, Santiago, Chile
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mick Høy is a 37 year young danish guy with a great passion of traveling around the world with his Honda VFR 750, 1996 as his faithful companion. Mick has seen more than many people would see of this world during a life time, as he has experienced situations one may expect when leaving home to explore the big world and what one might meet on his/ hers way. For Mick the part of traveling is not only about visiting places, it is also about meeting people and he found there's nothing better than a motorcycle for this. “You are on the road exposed to the surroundings and not hiding behind a steering wheel of a 4x4.” Mick’s journey took him from Copenhagen, Denmark down through Europe and all along the west coast of Africa, around South America to Santiago, Chile, some 66.000 km, 33 countries, 3 continents and 2 ½ year where he has been sleeping on the street next to his bike or at friends places that he met on the road. For him it is the real deal not sleeping in hotels, it simply not possible when one has to travel on a low budget to make it all the way around the globe. As for Mick the nature has become one of his favorite parts of his overland journey’s next to the opportunity of being amongst new cultures and people. When Mick is not traveling for longer periods of time he is exploring Chile from his base in Santiago and the rest of South America together with Ride-Chile. When Mick wasn’t on the road he used to work as an aircraft mechanic. One thing his travels has learned him other than being his own motorcycle-mechanic is doing everything himself such as photographing, being his own Web master, writing and learning to be a skillful cook. As Mick says “There is nothing better than a good Asado (BBQ) and a beer after getting off the bike late at night”

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We provide the service of transport of foreign vehicles all over Chile, from the north to the south with free storage at our facilities in Santiago. Contact us for a quotation.

If you are going to visit Argentina during your motorcycle rental or during any other visit to South America please be aware and read up about the rules for paying the reprocity fee online before entering Argentina.
Paying and applying for the fee has to be done before showing up at any border and can only be done online!

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No matter what you might need to bring on your journey we are able to help you out. When renting a bike from us you are able to rent the following accessories for an extra fee:

  • Gear RentalHELMET (XS-XXL) $15 USD
  • JACKET (XS - XXL) $15 USD
  • GLOVES $10 USD

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